Zorada Porter

Major: English Literature

Minors: Art History

Career Goals: to become a professor after achieving my Master’s and PhD in English literature, specializing in modernist and postmodernist studies.
Hometown: Ashland, Kentucky

Fun Fact: Though I guzzle more coffee than ever thought humanly possible, I much prefer a perfectly brewed cup of Earl Grey Tea.

What you love about Honors or NKU: There has never been a place I felt so passionate about as I do about the Honors College, and NKU. While here, the opportunities given to me by all the faculty in my major as well as the Honors College faculty and staff through their guidance, wisdom, and constant compassion. My trajectory as an academic continues to grow more voracious and eager through my interdisciplinary exposure in the Honors College, as well as in my major classes with professors I aspire to be like in my own career.