Onyinye Uwolloh

Major: Psychology

Minor: Biological Sciences

Career Goals: I really am a people person, and through working at the NKU Writing Center I had an epiphany. My experience allowed me to decide that getting a PhD in Developmental Psychology and going on to lecture as a college Faculty member would be an excellent career choice!

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria.

Fun Fact: I speak fluent Japanese in addition to English, Pidgin English, and a little Igbo.

What you love about Honors or NKU: The Honors program has given, and still gives me to platform to showcase my creativity in the various projects I have done. One class allowed to discover that I have a passion for writing and kick started my aspirations to publish a novel. Another one allowed to create a series of Japanese haikus in Pidgin English, something I would not have had the opportunity to do in my Psychology or Biology courses. In fact, I went on to do an Independent Research Project with that Professor over the summer, and will be presenting in the spring. Honors is all about bringing various disciplines together in a discussion focused environment; this really leads to a discovery of new talents, and the growth of preexisting ones as well.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all upon arrival to NKU! Please feel free to reach out to me via my campus email – uwolloho1@nku.edu – and Go Norse!