Abigail Miller

Majors: Accounting and Finance

Minor: Business Administration

Career Goals: Certified Public Accountant

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Fun Fact: Before I die, I want to drink coffee all over the world. I have had coffee in London and Prague while on study abroad trips, but I have a long list of places that I still want to visit.

What you love about Honors or NKU: I love how supportive all of the faculty are here at NKU and in the Honors College. My professors are more than willing to talk to me during office hours or after class to help review course content or just to say hello. Whenever I am looking for career advice or thinking about my future, I know that I can find a professor willing to talk to me and help me make the right decision. I think that NKU and the Honors College are full of people who genuinely want students to succeed, and I love being in such a positive environment. I hope that you love NKU too. If you ever have any questions or want to talk about NKU, I would be happy to talk! You can reach me at millera58@nku.edu. Go Norse!