Space for Collaboration

The spaces for collaboration are intentionally designed spaces for students and faculty to use for group meetings, community engagement events, or just as a place to relax after a day of classes. These spaces facilitate innovation and learning as students from multiple disciplines work together in teams.

An example of this type of space are the Group Study Rooms, which are equipped with flat-panel screens and writable walls to seat 6-8 students. These rooms are located next to classrooms throughout the HIC.

Mark Bardgett

“The Health Innovation Center gives faculty the ability to realize their full potential in the area of experiential learning. I can now offer laboratory coursework to more students in facilities that are intended to support learning in neuroscience. These labs will offer more students unique, hands-on experiences that distinguish them upon graduation to employers and graduate schools alike. The equipment and the infrastructure will be at the forefront of teaching, and it will enable our students to investigate the brain and behavior in ways unparalleled by other universities in the area.”

—Mark Bardgett, Ph.D
Department of Psychological Science