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Artistic Team and Production Crew

Co-Artistic Directors: Dee Anne Bryll and Teresa VanDenend Sorge

Student Artistic Director: Sylvia Chervus

Artistic Associate: Maiya Caldwell

Technical Associate: Carli Robinette

Administrative Associate: Brianna Mullins

Production Assistant Associate: Olivia Martel

Marketing Associate: Grace Vetter

Senior Coordinators: Olivia Sketch and Bella Keller

Stage Manager: Payton Pearson

Assistant Stage Manager: Savannah Scott

Assistant Stage Manager: Alyssa Taylor

Light Board Operator: Natalie Hayslett

Sound Board Operator: Faith Von Handorf

Head of Videography: Emma Talent

Camera Operators: Dylan Bolling and Beth Vorhees

Costume Designer: Ronnie Chamberlain

Costume Shop Manager: Cat Schmeal

Dance 21 poster