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COVID-19 Statistics


NKU COVID-19 Decision Indicators



Transmission levels are acceptable

Transmission levels are manageable

Transmission levels are depleting institutional resources

Transmission levels have exhausted institutional resources

Campus Isolation /Quarantine Capacity

< 25% full

25-50% full

51-75% full

> 75% full

Rolling 7-day total of reported COVID-19 cases on campus

< 5 cases

5-10 cases

11-20 cases

> 20 cases

Regional Rt

< 1



> 1.2

Rolling 7-day average of new cases/100,000 in the region

< 10 cases

10-25 cases

26-35 cases

> 35 cases

On-campus faculty, staff, and student vaccination rate

>85% vaccinated

70-84% vaccinated

60-79% vaccinated

< 60% vaccinated


Additional factors that could influence the timing of the mitigation decisions include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant, applicable action by the governor, the Health Department, or other governmental official
  • Limited occupancy to manage quarantine or isolation in the greater Cincinnati/northern Kentucky region
  • Hospital admissions for COVID-19
  • Hospitals unable to treat all patients without crisis care
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages impacting ability to care for COVID-19 patients
  • Trends among other institutions of higher education in Kentucky and Cincinnati
  • Decline of testing capacity in region for symptomatic individuals
  • Development of new COVID-19 variant
  • Number and severity of non-compliant activities, either on-campus or in the community


Based on current indicator metrics, NKU could implement any the following additional mitigation restrictions in any combination:

  • Limiting indoor on-campus events and social gatherings.
  • Social distancing measures.
  • Universal masking while on campus.
  • Restricting outside access to residence halls.
  • Canceling indoor on-campus events and social gatherings.
  • Increasing social distancing measures.
  • Pivoting student support services and class sections to a virtual environment.
  • Restricting outside access to residence halls.
  • Moving to grab-and-go options for dining.
  • Closing residence halls.
  • Ceasing all in-person campus activities.

Please note that all decision and transmission level indicators function as campus recommendations, which can be modified without notice by the President of NKU.


These metrics were developed using evidence-based criteria and public health officials. They are subject to revision as our understanding of the nature of the variants, the pandemic, or our regional circumstances change. Our responses to the indicators will aim to decrease risk of infection but will not eliminate all risk. They will inform both on-campus and off-campus activities associated with NKU.

Please note:

  • NKU athletics will also follow League guidelines, criteria, and recommendations.
  • All campus events must still follow separate COVID-19 Task Force approval processes.

Terms & Sources



Northern Kentucky University maintains these data to educate the campus and community about the percentage of students, staff, and faculty who are both vaccinated and coming to campus. Our goal is to achieve over 80% fully vaccinated.  If you have not yet done so, please report your vaccination status on the MyNKU app

If vaccination status is not self-reported by the student or employee, the University will not record that information on the dashboard.  Consequently, this statistic will underreport actual vaccination levels.

Only vaccination status reported to NKU by members of the NKU community who are taking courses on campus, teaching classes face-to-face, or working on campus are included in the published statistic; those who are attending classes or working fully remotely as excluded. Confidentiality laws prohibit the University from disclosing identifying information about any individuals who are self-disclosing. 

7-Day Rolling Total: New Cases

Northern Kentucky University maintains these data to educate the campus and community about the number of positive COVID-19 cases among students and employees. Cases reported to NKU by all confirmed members of the NKU community are included, excepting high school students enrolled in NKU courses (their numbers are maintained by their respective school districts).

If positive results are not self-reported by the affected student or employee, the University will not record that information on the dashboard, and informing colleagues that they have been exposed might be delayed. Therefore, it is imperative that any positive result be reported via on confidential on-line system.  

Numbers less than 5 are suppressed according to state data release policies. Confidentiality laws prohibit the University from disclosing identifying information about affected individuals. Members of the campus community who receive a positive test result from any testing agency should report it on the Self-Monitoring Form.


The percentage of quarantine and isolation space used reflects the percentage of identified space located on campus for quarantine and isolation being occupied. It does not reflect those who need to quarantine or isolate but elect to do so off-campus.

Region Fully Vaccinated 

Percentages obtained from the CDC County View Tracker:

For additional detail on CDC vaccination data definitions and sources:

Kentucky Vaccinated by Age 

Percentages obtained from the Team Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard. 

See Team Kentucky dashboard for more details:

Rolling 7-Day Average

A rolling 7-day average of the number of new cases per 100,000 by county obtained from the Northern Kentucky Health Department Dashboard. 

See NKY Health Department dashboard for more details: 

Rate of Transmission

Rt Live:  

Rt refers to the “effective reproduction number” of COVID-19. It is measure of how rapidly the disease is spreading in a community. An Rt of 1 means that, on average, each infected person spreads the disease to one other person.  An Rt of above 1 will quickly lead to a large number of cases; it indicates a trend towards exponential growth. An Rt of less than 1 will trend towards the end of an outbreak. 

NKY Active Cases