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Vaccine FAQ

2/23/2021 - Gov. Beshear announced late yesterday that regional vaccination sites will open to Kentuckians in Phase 1C beginning March 1. This is a new development, and we are working to get more details from the Commonwealth. As we have more information, we will share an update with campus. Visit Kentucky’s vaccination website for more details on the regional vaccination sites.

While we do not have all the answers, NKU will be offering the COVID-19 vaccine on campus for faculty, staff and students. 

We are monitoring the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Draft COVID-19 Vaccination Plan and Updates to develop our distribution protocols and prioritization schedule. You can also go to the new KY Vaccine Survey website to see the different phases and vaccine locations. Please note that Kentucky’s plan will be updated on a regular basis, which might mean that we will have to modify our plan as well. At this point, here is what we know about the COVID-19 vaccination schedule:

  • NKU faculty and staff are part of Phase 1C.
  • Our licensed clinical healthcare faculty and staff who might be mobilized under the new crisis standards of care operations, and students who will have clinicals in healthcare settings have started receiving the vaccine through our healthcare partners (for example St. Elizabeth Healthcare).
  • NKU employees over the age of 70 and those who work in K-12 schools started receiving vaccines the week of January 18. Governor Beshear has stated that vaccines will be available through Kroger beginning February 1. Please see the KY Vaccine Survey website for information on eligibility and vaccine locations.
  • The remainder of NKU employees and students with underlying or preexisting health conditions (as defined by the CDC) will be able to get vaccinated. No details are known about the start date of Phase 1C vaccinations. 
  • Students without underlying health conditions (as defined by CDC) will be able to get vaccinated according to when Phase 2 (over age 40) and Phase 3 (over age 16) vaccinations are available. At this point, we do not have a date when we can begin vaccinating those students. 

We are currently developing a draft plan and a set of protocols for administering and distributing the vaccine in the most efficient manner possible. As the Commonwealth’s plan is updated, or we receive new guidelines and directives from the Biden administration, NKU’s vaccination plan will also evolve. We will share any updates through the Provost’s COVID weekly message. In the meantime, please remember to follow our Norse Nine principles.

Please email the Healthy Workplace Office committee with any questions at