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COVID-19 Information

  • 01/13/22 - COVID-19 Update

    01/13/22 - COVID-19 Update

    We continue to see a major surge in COVID-19 cases from the Omicron variant with case counts in the 200 cases per 100,000 per day range. As everyone knows, we delayed the start of classes for a week and have asked faculty and staff to rethink activities during the coming two weeks with a goal of limiting in-person activities until the wave has passed. [...]

  • 01/06/22 - COVID-19 Update

    01/06/22 - COVID-19 Update

    Unfortunately, we are returning to another COVID surge. Omicron cases counts are extremely high, and we are seeing pressure on our hospitals again. As you all know, we have pushed back the start of classes at NKU for one week, allowing faculty and staff the time to adapt their courses and programming for two weeks of hybrid and other approaches, limiting the number of people on campus until the worst of the Omicron wave passes [...]

  • 01/04/22 - Spring Classes Delayed by One Week

    01/04/22 - Spring Classes Delayed by One Week

    Current regional case information is eye-opening, with record infections of 120 per 100,000 per day and higher throughout Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. The regional transmission rate has risen to 1.3, which is also as high as we have seen. In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, we will delay the start of classes for spring by one week. All NKU classes will begin on Tuesday, January 18 [...]

  • 12/10/21 - COVID-19 Update

    12/10/21 - COVID-19 Update

    Travel and gathering from Thanksgiving appears to be impacting COVID cases. Kentucky has increased to 48 per 100,000 cases, up from 29 last week, [...]

  • 12/02/21 - COVID-19 Update

    12/02/21 - COVID-19 Update

    The drop in regional COVID-19 cases has plateaued, and the U.S. has its first confirmed case of the emerging Omicron coronavirus variant. As health experts work to learn more about this variant, we should remain vigilant [...]

  • 11/18/21 - COVID-19 Update

    11/18/21 - COVID-19 Update

    We are nearing the Thanksgiving holiday, so today seems like a good opportunity to take stock of where we are in our response to the Delta variant of COVID-19. As predicted, [...]

  • 10/07/21 - COVID-19 Update

    10/07/21 - COVID-19 Update

    I am writing today to report that because all of our COVID-19 indicators are trending sharply downward, we are moving our campus [...]

  • 09/23/21 - COVID-19 Update

    09/23/21 - COVID-19 Update

    The data are clear that we are seeing a significant downturn in COVID-19 cases in our region and across the Commonwealth of Kentucky [...]

  • 09/21/21 - Vaccination Incentive Contest Update

    09/21/21 - Vaccination Incentive Contest Update

    We want to thank everyone who has used NKU’s self-reporting tool to submit their vaccination status. Unfortunately, only 36 percent of [...]

  • 09/17/21 - COVID Testing Site Moving

    09/17/21 - COVID Testing Site Moving

    Effective Monday, September 20th, the Gravity Diagnostics COVID testing site will be located in the University Center room 204. This move will make testing more accessible and convenient for our students [...]