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Vaccination Incentive Contest

As of Tuesday, Sept. 21, we are pausing the vaccination incentive contest. Learn more about this decission and when it will resume in this communication. 

September 15

Today’s winners are being notified now for Week 4 of the NKU Vaccination Incentive Contest! 500 winners have been selected and 240 have claimed and consented to be listed in our winner's list below. Get your name into the hat for the weekly and grand-prize awards.

Enter Vaccination Incentive Contest

Victor Vaccination Band-Aid

Welcome to the NKU Vaccination Incentive Contest. The university wants to celebrate our students, faculty and staff who are already vaccinated, and incentivize those who are still unvaccinated, by offering a range of prizes. To help the campus reach our 80-percent goal, faculty, staff and students who have entered their vaccination records will be eligible for incentives. Administrators are not eligible for these prizes. During the next eight weeks, we will have 1,000 prize drawings of $100 each, followed by a week of grand-prize drawings.


Vaccination Incentive Contest

The Vaccination Incentive Contest begins on Monday, August 23, and ends after the last contest drawing during the week of October 18, 2021. During that timeframe, NKU will make 1,000 prize drawings for $100.

Grand-prize drawings as follows:

  • 5 drawings for $1,000 cash each
  • 5 drawings for reserved parking spaces for FY22
  • 5 drawings for 2 season tickets to 2021-22 men’s or women’s basketball
  • 1 drawing for VIP tickets to the President’s Suite at a 2021-22 men’s basketball game

If a contestant wins any prize other than the grand prize, the student remains eligible for the grand prize drawing but will not be eligible for any other prize drawings. View the complete Terms & Conditions below. 



Winners who have claimed and consented their names to be released are added weekly. The next round of winners will be added 9/22/21.

  • Kalyani Abbaraju
  • Cheyenne Abrams
  • Angelina Addams
  • Nana Adwoa Agyeman
  • Grace Allen
  • Hassan Alsaffar
  • Camryn Anderson
  • Alexander Antonopoulos
  • Sydney Auteri
  • Tara Bailey
  • Brittney Bailey
  • David Baker
  • Michael Baranowski
  • Thomas Baxter
  • Krystle Beatty
  • Madison Beichler
  • Sammy Berger
  • Elise Bezold
  • Holden Blair
  • Lori Bloomer
  • Macy Borchers
  • Zachary Born
  • Haley Box
  • Simon Boxall
  • Brittainy Brandenburg
  • Christy Bratfish
  • Kimberly Breitenbecher
  • Lindsay Brian
  • Michael Browning
  • Sarah Bryant
  • Helena Buccilla
  • Seth Burkhardt
  • Austin Burnett
  • Brittany Campbell
  • Summer Campbell
  • Trung Cao
  • Michael Carrell
  • Jaidyn Carson
  • Teuta Cata
  • Amanda Catron
  • Jeffrey Chesnut
  • Geoffrey Clare
  • Kaitlyn Clark
  • Lydia Claycomb
  • Joshua Cooper
  • Marissa Craig
  • Natalie Crawford
  • Sharon Criss
  • Lindsey Dames
  • Cassidy Daniel
  • Delaney Dee
  • Shannon Disbennett
  • Cara Discepoli
  • Ada Donelan
  • Justice Donloe
  • Sarah Dorger
  • Cheyenne Doyen
  • Maeve Dunn
  • McKay Dunn
  • Richard Durtsche
  • Kevin Eagles
  • April Ehrhardt
  • Richard Endres
  • Jeremy Engel
  • William Erwin
  • David Evans
  • Cam Fay
  • Adam Feinauer
  • Reese Fields
  • Mike Finke
  • Noah Fisher
  • Patricia Fisk
  • Tanner Franklin
  • Kennedy Fry
  • Jenna Fryer
  • Hannah Gailey
  • Damian Geiger
  • Grace Gillum
  • Jessica Goetz
  • Natalie Goodwin
  • Faith Greene
  • Tyler Grome
  • Emma Gugel
  • Nina Hackett
  • Heidi Haddad
  • Jessica Hagan
  • Lydia Hargrove
  • Tracy Hart
  • Hunter Hayden
  • Luis Henckell-Rosas
  • John Herald
  • Lindsey Hiler
  • Matthew Hoctor
  • Stacey Horan
  • Kristin Horine
  • Matthew Hoskins
  • Benjamin Huber
  • Nathalie Hue
  • Maria Huff
  • Jasmine Humphrey
  • Taylor Hurley
  • Kelsey Jackson
  • Tayah Johnson
  • Sarah Johnson
  • John Jones
  • Mason Judge
  • Brett Kendon
  • Susan Keuper
  • Soyeon Kim
  • Michelle King
  • Danielle Klopping
  • Drew Knochelmann
  • Morgan Kober
  • Kendra Koontz
  • Anna Kremer
  • Leah Kubala
  • Karina Kurzhals
  • Madalynn Lagadinos
  • Jeannine Lambert
  • Winona Landis
  • Kathryn Lark
  • James Leavens
  • Marc Leone
  • Dale Mahaney
  • Madeline Malone
  • Amara Marrero
  • Carolyn Marsh
  • Katie Marzano
  • Hannah Mason
  • Kimberly McCoy
  • Sara McFarland
  • Alyssa McGriff
  • Kendyl McKeough
  • William McPheron
  • Carol Medlicott
  • Susan Meier
  • Owen Messerly
  • Hunter Miggelbrink
  • Erick Moore
  • Marielisa Moreno-Garza
  • Julie Muehlenkamp
  • Melissa Mullins
  • Claire Murphy
  • Raymond Neblett
  • Courtney Nilson
  • Olivia Nisbet
  • Bethany Noblitt
  • Victoria Ollier
  • Haley Orth
  • Clare Pangallo
  • Dylan Perez
  • Brynden Perkins
  • Ethan Perry
  • LeShauna Persley
  • Kristine Pfendt
  • Brevin Phillips
  • Krystal Plumitallo
  • Jennifer Pointer
  • Christopher Polly
  • Kayla Porter
  • Prerana Poudel
  • Emily Prabell
  • Molly Pryor
  • Thomas Ratterman
  • Mike Rawlings
  • Jessica Ray
  • Jared Ray
  • Krista Rayford
  • Julie Reizner
  • Anna Resing
  • Grace Riley
  • Liberty Rose
  • Elizabeth Rozin
  • Joseph Rubleske
  • Samantha Ruddle
  • Autumn Russ
  • Morteza Sadat-Hossieny
  • Jo Sanburg
  • Kurt Sander
  • Bradley Sarchet
  • Madison Sayatovic
  • Jennifer Schalk
  • Caroline Scheidler
  • Patrick Schultheis
  • Brian Schultz
  • Grace Schumacher
  • Sydney Schunder
  • Sean Scott
  • Maycee Searp
  • Katie Sharp
  • Bernadette Sharpe
  • Beth Sharples
  • Paige Shebley
  • Catherine Shelton
  • Hayley Shepard
  • Rachael Sherrard
  • Bitanya Shewangizaw Adane
  • Lauren Shifferd
  • Ashley Siemer
  • Bethany Singleton
  • Cassandra Sisk
  • Emily Sisk
  • David Slucher
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Ernest Smith
  • Mary Snook
  • Jessica Somerfield
  • Cameron Springer
  • Miranda Steinau
  • Brooklyn Stephens
  • Amy Sterrett
  • Megan Stubbs
  • Laura Sullivan
  • Tong Ta
  • Barbara Tassell
  • Trenton Taylor
  • Courtney Thomas
  • Evan Thomas
  • Kristy Thornton
  • Mackenzie Toole
  • Alyssa Torres
  • Adrianna Tran
  • Sydney Turner
  • Lillyann Tursany
  • Laura Urbanski
  • Gretchen Vaughn
  • Edward Verbeten
  • Alexander Wagner-Rose
  • Kelley Wainscott
  • Grant Warren
  • Steven Wease
  • Payton Welch
  • Salem Welty
  • Rebecca Werstler
  • Margaret Wheatley
  • Zoe Whelan
  • Dolores White
  • Joshua Wice
  • Daryl Wiesman
  • Tara Wilkinson
  • Christopher Witt
  • Keisha Wizzart
  • Cathleen Wolff
  • Kenneth Wolterman
  • Zonglin Wu
  • Trey Zinsmeister
  • Amanda Zurface Jones

Terms and Conditions

To schedule a vaccine, call Health Services at (859) 572-5650.

Once fully vaccinated, enter your vaccination information to the portal use the following link (myNKU).

By entering Northern Kentucky University’s Vaccination Incentive Contest (“Contest”), you agree to be bound by these official rules.



This Contest is open to Northern Kentucky University (NKU) students actively enrolled for Fall 2021 who are fully vaccinated and non-administrative faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated (the “Contestants”).  Administrators are defined as executives or heads of a major organizational unit, including deans.  Those not fully vaccinated at the beginning of the Contest may enter at any time once they are fully vaccinated, until the Contest ends on October 22, 2021.

Individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions or sincere religious objections may also enter the Contest after filling out the exemption/declination form. Contestants must submit the completed form to the Administration & Finance Office at 836 Lucas Administrative Center.



Fully Vaccinated

To be considered fully vaccinated, a Contestant must receive two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, or receive a World Health Organization approved vaccine.  


Actively enrolled students for Fall 2021, excluding concurrently enrolled high school students.


Contest Dates

The Contest begins August 23, 2021, and ends after the last contest drawing during the week of October 18, 2021. Entries received after 5 p.m. EDT on the day before the last contest drawing, anticipated to be during the week of October 18, 2021, will not be considered for awards, regardless of whether the late receipt resulted from human, computer or transmission error. For individuals receiving the two-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, both vaccine doses must be administered by the above 5 p.m. EDT deadline.  


Entry Guidelines

Entry Process

The Contest is open to fully vaccinated Contestants.

Contestants fully vaccinated must enter the information from their vaccination card to the myNKU portal to be entered into the prize drawings.  

Individuals who have not been vaccinated can make vaccine appointments by calling Health Services at (859) 572-5650 or stop by a pop-up NKU vaccine clinic.  

Prize Drawings

Winning names will be drawn by NKU staff at regular intervals determined by the University. The winning contestants will be contacted by the Administration & Finance Office once eligibility has been verified.  

Notification of Winners

Winners will be contacted by the Administration & Finance Office once eligibility has been verified. Their name and prize may be announced publicly on NKU social media channels. If a winner does not respond to notification of the win within 14 days, the winner will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.


Conditions of Participation

Use of Submissions

By entering this Contest, the Contestant hereby grants to NKU and its affiliates the right to take their picture and to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute, modify, adapt, and create derivative works of photographs, videotaped images or video/audio recordings of the Contestant by incorporating them into publications, catalogues, brochures, books, magazines, photo exhibits, motion picture films, videos, electronic media, web sites, and/or other media, or commercial, informational, educational, advertising, or promotional materials or publications related thereto.  

NKU reserves the right to modify or change the Vaccination Contest rules at any time. Contest is subject to all applicable United States federal, state, and local laws and regulations. 

Contest Ownership

NKU and its affiliates are the sole owners and operators of the Vaccination Contest. Official rules, terms and eligibility requirements, prize information and selection are administered by the University.  

Waiver of Liability 

By hosting this Contest, NKU in no way endorses or sponsors any manufacturer of vaccinations.  By entering this Contest, the Contestant is choosing to voluntarily receive the vaccination(s) and assumes all liability therefore. NKU is not responsible for any injuries or illnesses occurring as a result of a Contestant obtaining vaccinations and entering this Contest.

Additionally, any prize may be taxable and winners are responsible for payment of any taxes.