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We recognize there are many unanswered questions and we are working diligently to update the FAQs with information regarding the FY 21 budget. Please send questions to 

NKU Moving Forward Employee Information and Resources Update June 15, 2020

Healthy at Work Officer. Following Kentucky’s Healthy at Work guidelines, NKU has designated a team of Healthy at Work Officers (HWO) lead by Lori Southwood. As stated in the Healthy at Work Phase 1 Reopening Guidelines, this team will be responsible for NKU’s compliance with the Healthy at Work guidance. Employees will be able to identify and communicate potential improvements and concerns at

Re-Entry Training. Employees will complete an online training module prior to returning to campus. The module will offer guidance and resources for employees transitioning back to work on NKU’s campus.

On-Campus Staffing Levels. Prior to August 3, remote work will continue. Only those employees needed to maintain current campus operations and to prepare for an increase in operations will be working on campus.  Starting August 3, 2020, those departments that have been working remotely will determine minimum staffing levels necessary to have their on-campus locations open to serve faculty, staff and students on campus.Offices are encouraged to offer some extended hours to serve post traditional students. With adequate signage, offices in close proximity may provide coverage for each other. Employees not scheduled for on-campus coverage will continue to work remotely. 

Considerations for At-Risk Employees. Employees with health conditions that may impact their ability to return to campus-based work should contact Human Resources,,  to determine if accommodations are appropriate. As always, employee health information will be protected as required by law.

Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing. Mental health of all employees is an important consideration in the changing and stressful environment caused by COVID-19. We have established new resources and highlight existing resources to support your mental health and wellbeing. Please visit the Employee Covid Webpage for more information. 



The responses below outline NKU’s current policies and procedures. As the situation continues to evolve, Human Resources is reviewing any impacted policies and procedures and will share updates with any revisions. 

Human Resources can be reached at (859) 572-5200 or

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)