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Please see below for the latest NKU Covid-19 travel reimbursement procedures for faculty, staff and students.

NKU Faculty and Staff Travel:

Travel for many Northern Kentucky University (NKU) faculty and staff has been affected by Covid-19 as business-related travel plans have become uncertain or canceled. As a result, NKU will follow the procedures below as a means of reimbursement for individuals who currently have approved university business-related travel in SAP and whose travel has been disrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak.

NKU faculty and staff members with unrecoverable out-of-pocket expenses may seek reimbursement through the MyNKU Travel Module as follows:

  • Use the existing travel request/expense report in SAP for reimbursement.
  • Show through receipts and/or correspondences with airlines, conference hosts, hotels, the out-of-pocket costs that are recoverable and those which are not and need to be reimbursed.
  • Complete the travel expense report as you or your office normally would so it can complete regular workflow/approval channels in SAP.

The NKU Accounts Payable/Travel department can answer questions regarding documentation and submission of these requests as needed.

Please do not book future expenses on currently approved travel. Instead check with your department head, supervisor or chair/school director on what resources should or should not be committed at this time given the uncertain state of travel internationally and domestically. The situation changes on a daily basis, and we will do our best to address these current travel concerns.

NKU Student Travel:

NKU students are also affected by Covid-19 travel disruptions. Students who have pre-approved travel relating to their NKU studies and/or NKU student- related activities who were planning on university-funded reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses can be reimbursed for unrecoverable out-of-pocket expenses through the following procedure:

  • NKU departmental organizers of these student trips should work with their department chairs/school directors, deans, business officers, and coordinators to figure out what travel may—or will—be cancelled or significantly altered.
  • NKU departmental representatives who would normally enter the expense reimbursements on behalf of these students by way of a Parked Vendor Invoice (PVI) in SAP should still do so with a few minor caveats:
    • Attach all receipts as usual but also include any documentation about the ability to recoup some out-of-pocket costs (such as a cancelled and/or refunded conference registration) to help create an accurate out-of-pocket expense reimbursement.
    • Attach any additional approvals as dictated by your department/school if necessary for individuals who may be outside of the SAP workflow for a PVI.
    • Attach a short description of the trip and basic need for reimbursement on an as-needed basis (when it isn’t already abundantly clear) for future reporting/recordkeeping.
  • Students should be set up as vendors by NKU Procurement Department via the normal process.

NKU’s Accounts Payable/Travel department will be available to assist with processing reimbursements to students and will make every effort to assist departments and students to the best of their ability given the high volume of requests and changing travel landscape.

Student group leaders should reconsider non-essential future travel and out-of-pocket expenditures by students at this time given the uncertain and changing availability of travel through the summer months.

NKU Student Travel: Organized by the NKU Office of Education Abroad

If your student travel was organized by the Office of Education Abroad, please work with your contacts from that office directly. Education Abroad is already actively working on the majority of issues you or your NKU departmental representative (if working with another office) might believe they need to deal with, and Education Abroad is best equipped to get the student-related out-of-pocket expenses processed in a timely and appropriate fashion.

Items of Note for Processing Education Abroad Reimbursements to Students:

  • Please follow all directions given by the Office of Education Abroad. This will make the process smoother for everyone.
  • Please follow the process for a direct student reimbursement described in the “NKU Student Travel” section above. Please note:
    • Most likely, the Education Abroad office is working on this already, so please check with them first.
    • All of NKU Procurement department’s vendor set-up policies will still apply.
    • Accounts Payable will process direct payments by way of checks to the student.

Questions Regarding Your Reimbursement?

For any questions regarding your reimbursement that was processed, please contact the email address for NKU’s Accounts Payable department.