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Frequently Asked Questions About Portfolio Credit

1. What is a portfolio?

A portfolio describes and documents prior learning. In its simplest form, a portfolio can be described as a document used to test out of a specific undergraduate course.

2. How does the portfolio process work?

When a student has identified a course he/she would like to attempt through portfolio, he/she should complete the Portfolio Application. If portfolio is an option, the academic departmental chairperson will appoint a Faculty Evaluator. The student will be added to the Portfolio Canvas site and begin the steps of creating the portfolio. After the student submits the portfolio to the Faculty Evaluator, the evaluator, the chairperson, and the college dean review it. Credit appears on the student's transcript for the term submitted with the notation “Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio". Credit is awarded as Pass/Fail only. 

3. What are the costs?

The portfolio fee is 25% of the tuition (effective fall 2013) for the class that is being petitioned and is paid when the portfolio is submitted for evaluation.

4. Can I get credit in any course?

Credit can only be awarded in areas where a thorough evaluation can be made. Some highly theoretical subjects do not lend themselves to portfolio evaluation. Also, some courses are not options for portfolio development due to certification or departmental guidelines. Credit can be requested only for undergraduate courses listed in the University Catalog.

5. How much time will it take to complete a portfolio?

This depends on your regular course load and time management skills. However, eight weeks is an average amount of time. To be successful, it is necessary to have basic writing skills and to be independently motivated.

6. How do I get started?

After consulting with your academic advisor, to determine your candidacy for Portfolio, a writing sample will need to be collected from you, as well as a current resume. The writing sample should be a 2 page document that details how you believe you have the experience that has led to learning in this area and can produce documents and research to prove that you have met the learning outcomes for the course. Please e-mail both your writing sample and your most current resume to: You will also need to fill out the Portfolio Application. After receipt of these items, you will be contacted within 7-10 business days as to the status of your application.