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Max Boyle

HOMETOWN: Villa hills, KY

MAJOR: Biochemistry

When Max Boyle first came to NKU, his plan was to go into biology. But the junior from Villa Hills, Kentucky, found his home in biochemistry during the spring semester of his freshman year when he joined a research group. His ultimate goal is to head to medical school with an interest in orthopedic surgery.

“I always had an interest in medicine, but once I got here it kind of solidified that idea a little more and helped me figure out what I wanted to do,” he says. “NKU helped point me in the right direction.”

While Max has been involved on campus as a Presidential Ambassador, the vice president of Alpha Tau Omega, and a College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador, his biggest interest is undergraduate research—something he has been able to proudly present with his name attached to it.

“Research is one of my favorite things to do,” Max says. “It ties into my schoolwork so well, and it’s something I enjoy doing and want to continue to do. Coming in as a freshman, I wasn’t expecting to do as much as I have so far. I never enjoyed challenging myself until I came here. NKU has given me so many opportunities, it’s unbelievable.”