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2019-2020 TUITION & FEES

The American English Language Program is one of the most affordable English language programs in the United States. The fees for the AELP program are not the same as the university fees for degree seeking students. Please view the chart below to see tuition and fees along with estimated living expenses.

*Note: All students who need to obtain an F-1 visa most submit proof of $21,089 in order to obtain an I-20 and apply for their visa. NKU-sponsored health insurance is mandatory for all students on F-1 visas.

Program Tuition Living Expenses (estimated) Other Total
AELP - Semester $4,245 $5,383 $917 $10,545
AELP - Year $8,490 $10,765 $1,834 $21,089
AELP - Summer $2,122 $3,315 $362 $5,799

Full living expenses and estimated costs breakdown can be viewed here.


Your tuition & fees bill can be viewed on the biller direct tab on MyNKU. Also check the university’s Student Account Services page to learn more about payment deadlines and payment installment plans. Please know that effective January 1, 2018, cash payments will be limited to $5,000 per semester.