Beth Robb

PACE Business Administration Graduate Beth Robb said her NKU degree helped her land her new job:

“I learned about the opening for a Sales Coordinator at TSC Apparel after meeting their team at the NKU Career Fair. My experience and education were perfect matches for their needs and a great fit for me. I know I would not have this position without PACE. It was so easy to enroll and the program really went quickly for me. I could just pick up the phone, and the PACE staff would answer all my questions. Through PACE, I learned to never give up. I am appreciative of all the support I got.”



Max Kanet, PACE Alumni

"At 33 years-old I had a good job in advertising, a nice house, a great wife, and a wonderful son. The one thing that had been hanging over me for about a decade was that I had started, but never finished my college degree.

 After making the decision to return, I found that NKU PACE fit my needs perfectly. The PACE program seemed to be designed with the student in mind. The curriculum was well rounded, but every class I took taught me things that I was able to apply directly to my life and my job. The PACE team and my professors were extremely helpful, accessible, and genuinely invested in helping me succeed.  It was not a cake walk, but the PACE team made things like registration and financial aid as effortless as possible, so I was able to spend what precious time I had on my studies. This made me able to juggle my career, family, and college successfully.

Since [then] I have used what I learned in the Organizational Leadership program to further my career in advertising, manage a congressional primary campaign, and a successful judicial race in Hamilton County."

~Max Kanet, PACE Alumni




Eileen Baker, PACE Alumni
Being a non-traditional student I was nervous about continuing my education because it would take quite a while to complete my degree while working full time.

Then I discovered the PACE Program at NKU. PACE allowed me to take a full-time course load each semester so I could complete the degree in a timely manner. PACE also offers online courses to allow even more flexibility with my schedule.

 PACE gives the flexibility and support a returning non-traditional student needs!"

~Eileen Baker, PACE Alumna

"As a nontraditional student, having a family and a full-time job, I found the staff, the PACE faculty, and my fellow classmates to be very helpful and valuable resources.   

PACE is laid out in such a manner that all I had to do was concentrate on my classwork. I didn't have to worry about which class to take or if I was going to be able to enroll in the classes I need, because the staff took care of all that and more. 

Then there are the PACE faculty who willingly shared with me their knowledge and provided the continual communication and feedback I needed to excel. Finally, attending classes with other adult students made PACE even more desirable."  

~Michelle Gunkel, PACE Alumna



Faculty Testimonials

"Teaching in the PACE program has been enjoyable and rewarding.  With their backgounds in the workforce, the students actively seek to connect the content of my statistics course to their professional practice. They also enjoy hands-on approaches to the content that helps students to understand and apply statistics to the real world.  With their sincere desire to succeed in their coursework and willingness to work collaboratively to achieve this goal, PACE has become one of the highlights of my teaching career." 

~Dr. Theodore Hodgson (Math and Statistics, 2013 Outstanding PACE Faculty of the Year)


"One reason it is such a joy to work with PACE students is the life experience they bring to the classroom. For the class I teach, public speaking, I see this in two ways.  One, the students have public speaking experiences they draw on and share with their classmates. This brings the class concepts to life.  Secondly, the topics they use for their assignments are extraordinary, ranging from highly practical to fascinatingly imaginative."

~Sam Lapin (Communication, 2015 Outstanding PACE Faculty of the Year)