The Integrative Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences provides students the opportunity to pursue a broad-based education across a variety of disciplines. The major is designed for students whose academic interests are best met through a flexible program of integrative and interdisciplinary study.


An Integrative Studies education encourages the acquisition of knowledge and skills that run broadly across the full range of disciplines. It also supports the in-depth study of certain topics or issues that require investigation between disciplines or integration among disciplines. With an emphasis on critical and reflective thinking, Integrative Studies promotes the liberation of the mind, removing prejudices, challenging assumptions, and examining values.


The bachelor's degree requires three areas of focus and/or minors. The PACE program has created a template for students to earn minors in Organizational Leadership and Public Service and a focus in English. However, we are open to leveraging prior coursework and career needs to build in other disciplines as requested. 


Please click here to view the program requirements in the NKU Undergraduate Catalog.