What does the program offer?

The Integrative Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences provides students the opportunity to pursue a unique, individualized, broad-based education across a variety of disciplines. The major is designed for students whose academic interests are best met through a flexible program of integrative and interdisciplinary study.


What do you learn?

An Integrative Studies education...

  • Encourages the acquisition of knowledge and skills that run broadly across the full range of disciplines
  • Supports the in-depth study of certain topics or issues that require investigation between disciplines or integration among disciplines
  • Promotes the liberation of the mind, removing prejudices, challenging assumptions and examining values
  • Prepares you to view topics from multiple perspectives


Why Integrative Studies through PACE?

There are several reasons to pursue the Integrative Studies degree through the PACE program:

  • The program offers a focus area in social and behavioral sciences.
  • The 60 minimum hours for graduation include general education and electives in addition to the focus area.
  • The elective courses for the associate's include the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree. Easily transition into a bachelor's degree program.


Please click here to view the program requirements in the NKU Undergraduate Catalog.