To Request a Permit into an Online Restricted Course:

Please complete the online form to request a permit into an online restricted course.

Please Note: We do not accept/maintain permit requests or waiting lists for the following courses or programs:

  • HIN 355
  • Communication Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Other courses deemed necessary

The department housing the above courses will take any open seats in the restricted section (ONLR) and move them to the unrestricted section (ONL) after priority registration.


NKU provides a wide variety of services to online students and students who attend NKU at locations away from the Highland Heights campus.

Academic Advising

For academic advising, contact your specific program advisor or check your program web page for specific information.

For online program questions, contact Online Programs at or (859) 572-5220 (undergraduate) or 859-572-6364 (graduate).

Examination Arrangements

Please see your course syllabus or contact your instructor for course-specific exam requirements.

Online Student Grievance Procedures

Click above for details regarding the procedure for course or program grievances.

Best of luck in your academic career!