1. I would classify myself as someone who
often gets things done ahead of time.
needs reminding to get things done on time.
puts things off until the last minute.

2. How would you plan your study time?
I plan to study every day.
I don't plan to study every day, but I pay attention to due dates.
I'm really busy, so I just study whenever I can.

3. In general, meeting deadlines and budgeting my time is ...
easy for me.
sometimes difficult if the assignment isn't interesting to me.
difficult for me - I often need outside pressure to complete work.

4. How many hours will you have available each week to do the work on your online course(s)?
2-4 hours/week for this class.
5-7 hours/week for this class.
8-9 hours/week for this class.

5. Do you have consistent use of a computer?
I plan to use my home computer.
I share a computer at home, but I can use it whenever I need it for school.
I plan to use a computer lab or library computer.

6. Can you install software on a computer if necessary? Can you troubleshoot minor software and hardware problems?
I install and update software all the time.
I have installed software before, and I was able to figure it out.
I would prefer to have someone to help me do this.

7. When confronted with technology that is new to me ...
I jump in eagerly. I consider myself an "early adopter."
I like to keep up, but I am cautious.
Delay. I really don't like to explore new technologies if I can help it.

8. How efficient are you at finding things on the Internet?
I am very efficient with search engines, including advanced search options.
I can usually find what I am looking for.
I sometimes have difficulty finding what I need.

9. Having face-to-face interaction is:
not particularly important to me
somewhat important to me.
very important to me.

10. Taking responsibility for staying in contact with my instructor would be ...
easy for me.
uncomfortable at first, but I would get used to it.
difficult. Taking the initiative would be very stressful for me.

11. In my previous school experiences, classroom discussion and interaction have been
rarely helpful for me.
sometimes helpful for me.
almost always helpful for me.

12. If I don't understand an assignment I ...
will contact my instructor via email and ask questions.
will wait until the class meets again to ask questions.
will do the best I can without any help.

13. For me, reading text on a computer screen ...
is more convenient than reading printed text.
is about the same as reading from a book.
is difficult, so I usually print the screen.

14. When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, I prefer ...
figuring out the instructions myself.
trying to follow the directions on my own, then asking for help as needed.
having the instructions explained to me.

15. How would you rate your writing skills?
I think I am a pretty good writer.
I do okay.
I am not a very good writer; I don't like writing.

16. As a reader, I would classify myself as ...
good - I usually understand the text without help.
average - I sometimes need help to understand the text.
below average - I often need help to understand the text.

17. How much do you read for your classes?
I rely mostly on notes from class since I don't always have time to read.
I try to do the required reading for class.
I do all the required reading and some extra recommended reading too.

18. Feeling that I am part of a class is ...
Not particularly necessary to me.
Somewhat important to me.
Very important to me.

19. How comfortable are you giving and receiving feedback with other students in your class?
I look forward to interaction with my peers.
This does not particularly interest me.
I would find it very difficult to interact with other students on a critical basis.

20. When assessing my own progress, I am ...
Able to accurately judge my progress and keep track of my grades.
Usually able to get a sense of where I am.
I prefer frequent feedback to know I am on the right track.