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The BA candidate is required to complete courses:

  • TAR 104 Introduction to NKU Theatre and Dance
  • TAR 245 Introduction to Theatre in World Cultures
  • TAR 348 Theatre History and Society
  • TAR 400 Theatre in World Cultures Styles Studio
  • TAR 160 Stagecraft
  • TAR 160L Stagecreaft Laboratory
  • Production Hour 3 Credit Hours (choose 3 different course numbers TAR 390, 391, 490, 491 - 1 production credit must be in a departmentally-approved organization/venue such as a museum)
  • Foreign language (may fulfill culture and creativity general education requirement)
  • Study abroad (two opportunities outside student’s native culture)
  • TAR 496 Theatre in World Cultures Capstone
  • Completion of 15 TAR/DAN electives in Groups I through VII or recommended Theatre in World Culture Electives.

Total Credits: 46