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The show must go on...

As venues around the world go dark, we're launching a series of performances and creative endeavors by NKU SOTA students, alumni, and faculty entitled NKU SOTA Stream. Join us in celebrating SOTA artists as we highlight their artistic creativity.

SOTA Stream Videos

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Video Guidelines

  • The artistic selection is up to you! However, we strongly recommend reviewing Copyright 101 of what you can and cannot do.
  • Video should be recorded in horizontal orientation.
  • The videos should be filmed in your home, apartment, dorm, office, etc.
  • For now, we ask for a video that is at least 3 minutes, but no one is going to count if it runs longer.
  • Because of the need for social distancing, it should be a solo act – unless you can find creative ways to use technology to collaborate with others.
  • Professional audio quality is not a priority. In these circumstances, it's your creativity that matters, so whatever audio you have at your disposal will do. We expect that solutions will eventually arise for us to offer good production quality, but for now our goal is showcase as much artistry as possible.
  • If you are willing, we think it would be great to wear concert/semi-formal attire. Dress for a gig or a performance no matter where you film. But if that is unrealistic, normal clothes are fine.
  • Upload your MP4 file to Dropbox, Google Drive, or another file sharing service, with a shareable link for download. When submitting your video, you will be asked to provide a link to download your video file.

Copyright 101
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