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NKU Youth Symphony Orchestra 2020-2021

The Fall 2020 semester will be strings only. The university has determined that wind and brass instruction/learning cannot be offered on-campus at this time. However, winds, brass, percussion, and piano students are encouraged to submit a video audition with the awareness that you will not be able to participate until the university allows. You will not be required to commit to the contract until we can invite you back to campus in a safe manner. You may consider taking the audition for early acceptance and/or experience. 

NKU Youth Symphony Orchestra will not be offered fall 2020. 

NKU YSO students are encouraged to take private lessons for fall 2020. As an ensemble designed for honing orchestral ensemble skills, it has been determined that private lessons would be the most beneficial for students rather than group online instruction. We look forward to resuming making music as a full symphony orchestra in the future! 

NKU YSO Auditions

Thank you for your audition submissions! YSO auditions are now over. You will receive results by Friday, August 14, 2020.