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NKU Youth Symphony Orchestra Auditions 2020-2021

NKU YSO Audition Requirements:

  • Members of NKU YSO are required to participate on their same instrument in their school orchestra/band if one exists. If there is not a school band or orchestra program for the student to participate in, the student is required to take private lessons on the instrument that he or she plays in the YSO program.
  • NKU YSO members must be in grades 8–12

  • Strings: 4+ years playing experience with a minimum level of having completed Suzuki Book 3 (or equivalent)
  • Woodwinds/brass/percussion: 2+ years playing experience in an ensemble
  • Piano: 4+ years playing experience and private instruction required. No excerpts are required for piano auditions, only solo and sight reading.

Audition Material: Download the audition excerpts/requirements for your specific instrument via the link below. (Note: pianists do not have an excerpt.) You must also bring a signed copy of the NKU YSO Handbook Policies and Agreement (on final page of the Handbook below) to your audition.

NKU YSO Handbook 2019-2020

NKU YSO Calendar 2020-2021 forthcoming

Audition Excerpts 2020-2021

A large symphony orchestra for strings, winds, and percussion

Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. FA 126

Fall 2020 Semester Begins: TBD

Tuition: $325 per academic year (audition required before registering).

Concert Attire Requirement: Black pants/skirt or long dress, black shirt, black socks/hose, black dress shoes.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory for all rehearsals and performances. Our attendance policies are strict to ensure the highest quality learning experience and performance. Please evaluate your schedule to be sure that you are able to meet the commitment to our ensemble that we expect. No more than three absences per year are allowed. Students can use these in any way they like, ie. sickness, school concerts or vacations. After three absences, the student may be dismissed.

Notification in advance of any absence or tardiness is expected, and should be made by submitting the online absence request form. This form can be found under resources on the website homepage. If the absence is an emergency you may email Mr. Ledbetter ( Two (2) late arrivals are equivalent to one (1) absence. Attendance at a dress rehearsal is required for participation in a concert. It is at the discretion of the ensemble director to allow or not allow a student to participate in a concert based on rehearsal attendance and/or preparation.

Performance absences:

Ensemble students are required to participate in all concerts. Absences from a performance must be approved ahead of time by the ensemble director and Music Preparatory administration, unless the absence is due to sudden illness. Missing a performance is very serious, and doing so is grounds for probation or immediate dismissal from the program.