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Open House

Open House

Spring Performance

Spring Performance

Dance as an Art Form

Dance Prep is committed to providing quality dance instruction that approaches dance as an art form through techniques based on historical tradition. Broadening the student understanding of artistic dance, building character, and helping guide them to dance from the inside out are the foundation on which all classes are built. Dancers of all levels with a passion to learn and grow skills in a challenging and friendly atmosphere are welcome.

Contemporary by Stephanie Brumer:

An interpretive and expressive style of dance, Contemporary dance blends many styles influenced by Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. Each student will learn different dance techniques, how to utilize self-expression through improvisation and movement, and work together as a group. Focus will be on poise, coordination, musicality and building confidence.

2017–2018 Dance Offerings: 

Classes are mixed-level and organized by age. Dance Instructors and NKU Teaching Assistants accommodate student skill level as appropriate (ie. beginner, intermediate, advanced). Students experience working in both large and small group settings.

Contemporary Dance Class Spring 2018:

Tuesdays, 5–6pm in FA 116

$220 per semester

Ages 6–14 (students work in small groups according to age, as well as large group)

*Spring semester will require an additional costume fee of $35-$45 per student, per class

Calendar: Please visit the Music Prep Calendar (left side of page) for specific holiday dates, registration deadlines, etc.

Spring Semester begins: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Location and Parking: NKU Fine Arts Building. parking

Dress Code:

  • Girls: solid color leotard, tights, dance shorts or pants, lyrical dance shoes, and hair pulled back into a ponytail
  • Boys: black bike shorts or pants, white t-shirt, and lyrical dance shoes **Twyla canvas lyrical shoes or Capezio Footundeez (see below)

Suggested Stores for Dance Supplies:

Costume Fee: All dancers should expect to pay an additional costume fee of $35–$45 in the Spring Semester. Costumes will be built on top of dance attire worn to class. Example items include adding a skirt, top, tutu, sash, scarf, head piece, etc.