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Zac Granger

Zachary Granger was born in Columbus, Ohio, and began playing the trombone in the ninth grade as part of his public school jazz program. After taking trombone lessons with local guitarist and former trombonist, Jim Pelz, Zachary was changed forever by recordings of Frank Rosolino and J.J. Johnson. Zachary decided at the age of 14 that making music every day of his life was top priority and has since evolved into a renowned trombone soloist and freelance musician. Zachary's trademark as a trombonist is the beauty of his sound, stellar technique, and deep emotional connection to the music. With an ever-growing mastery of the instrument and extensive knowledge of jazz harmony, Zachary has distinguished himself as one of the pre-eminent musicians in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding tri-state area, not only in the realm of jazz and improvisation, but performing some of the more difficult music in the commercial music world as well.

Zachary is a fixture in the recording studios, the big band music scene and is highly sought after by many musical groups in Cincinnati and touring acts. Zachary studied under Marc Fields, a trombonist who worked with the great Ray Charles Orchestra, for nearly 8 years. Zachary has performed and recorded with Bobby Broom, William Menefield, Brian Newman, Sam Blakeslee, Steve Kortyka, Rufus Ried, Jeff Hamilton, The Legends Show and John Von Ohlen up until his recent passing.