The beginning of a school year and formation of a new ensemble is always an exciting time! Thank you for your interest in Symphonic Winds and active participation in music-making at NKU. Symphonic Winds is the flagship concert band of NKU and the band area. Literature is selected from the finest of original wind band repertoire as well as high quality transcriptions of orchestral, vocal and keyboard works.

The goals of this audition include, 1) placing players on parts (seating) commensurate with their ability level, 2) the opportunity to listen to all members of the ensemble to help select appropriate literature, 3) to make sure each player can positively contribute to the ensemble that is most comfortable for their ability level. Anyone who is not quite ready for the challenges of Symphonic Winds is encouraged to participate in Concert Band.

  1. Individual auditions will take place in the Fine Arts (FA) building, room 362 (Dr. Karrick’s office) during the first week of classes. A list of available times will be posted on the office door.

  2. In addition to the prepared music, you will be asked to perform any of 12 major scales, a chromatic scale and possibly sight-read.

  3. The prepared music is in two (2) parts. For your instrument, prepare Part I, Blithe Bells, in its entirety beginning with quarter note = 76. Since the character of this piece features long notes with a flowing tempo, attention to your phrasing, expression, beauty of tone, intonation and accuracy will be evaluated. Saxophonists can select any one of the three parts (soprano/alto/tenor), baritone sax will be assigned following the auditions.

  4. Part 2 of the audition music will be posted by Aug. 1 and will be clearly marked for what to play. It will be of a more technical nature.

  5. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Karrick,

Audition Excerpts