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The Visual Arts Program is proud to announce two new diversity scholarships for incoming students.

Diversity in Visual Arts Scholarship

To encourage diversity and inclusion in Visual Arts. This award defines diversity in broad terms (ethnicity, race, gender identity, age, abilities, or socio- economic status).

Visual Arts Diversity Scholarship in memory of Craig Haskins

To encourage diversity and inclusion in Visual Arts. Open to incoming freshman, international or transfer students.

Craig Haskins was an African American student that made a large impact on the Visual Arts Program. He was an exceptional student that was kind and diligent in his studies. Craig showed great courage in pursuing his degree at NKU while battling several health conditions. Many students and faculty did not know of his health issues as he focused on a strong work ethic, not letting his health stand in the way of his studies. Craig’s father brought him to campus in a wheelchair so he could turn in his final art and design projects the day before his passing. This scholarship serves as a memorial to Craig’s life and his creative pursuits.

Diversity Scholarship Details

Students who are majoring in Visual Arts that have officially applied at NKU and meet this scholarship criteria may compete for this scholarship support. Students may apply for either or both scholarships. As the application is the same for both, you will need to specify for which you are applying where asked within it.

  • Applications must be submitted by February 15 each year. (EXTENDED to March 1 for 2021.) Late (and/or incomplete) submissions will not be considered.
  • Complete and submit the online NKU application and corresponding fee for admission.
  • The amount of the award varies and is determined by available funds.
  • The duration of the award is one academic year.

Materials you will need for this application:

  1. Short Essay on Success
    Think of your definition of success in the arts. In the space provided below, answer the following question: When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it mean for you to consider your life within the arts successful? (Maximum 250 words)

  2. Short Essay on Diversity
    NKU believes that a diverse student body enhances the quality of the living and learning environment. In the space provided below, please describe how your life experiences and aspects of your identity define who you are, influence your academic pursuits and inform your creative process. (Maximum 500 words)

  3. Transcript
    Your high school unofficial transcript. Before uploading, save it as a single document in a PDF. Label it as follows: your last name_your first name_transcript

  4. Your Artwork
    Before uploading, save it as a single document in a PDF.
    Label it as follows: your last name_your first name_artwork

* Please make sure to properly label your artwork. All PDF documents must be openable and viewable in the most current version of Adobe Reader.

Students are also encouraged to apply for the NKU Educational Diversity Scholarship if applicable for additional scholarship award funding. The scholarship essay questions mirror one another and can be used for Visual Arts Diversity Scholarships and the NKU Educational Diversity Scholarship.

The Educational Diversity Scholarship is awarded up to full tuition.

Complete the NKU on-line freshman scholarship application to be considered for this award along with your:

  • Essay on your definition of success
  • Essay on diversity and inclusiveness