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  • Visual Arts alum to sculpt Cincinnati's first statue of a named female

    Visual Arts alum to sculpt Cincinnati's first statue of a named female

    June 22, 2021 - The sculpture of Marian Spencer is the city's first of a named female, and one of the co-sculptors is Gina Erardi. She honed her sculpting skills in college at Northern Kentucky University and became Tom Tsuchyia's apprentice. Together, they created the statue of Marian Spencer [...]

  • NKU hosts outdoor multimedia performance

    NKU hosts outdoor multimedia performance

    Sept. 30, 2021 - Multimedia performance group Froghole? responds to Northern Kentucky University's brutalist architecture through intimate examinations of space through sound, performance, and video. A three-act performance, "Cemento Mori" will explore three different outdoor sites on NKU's campus[...]

  • Visual Arts collaborates on MLK activity packets

    Visual Arts collaborates on MLK activity packets

    Jan. 26, 2021 - In honor of the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Visual Arts Program partnered with NKU's Office of Community Connections to create MLK Day activity packets for local school kids. The packets use art to help kids learn about Civil Rights heroes [...]

  • Art Exhibitions on Understanding the Emotional Force of Race

    Art Exhibitions on Understanding the Emotional Force of Race

    Jan. 4, 2021 - NKU invites community members to virtually explore the themes and emotional force behind social unrest with its exhibition, “The Emotional Force of Race: An Exhibition and Call for Creative Response,” featuring the Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories project [...]

  • The Drawing Database

    The Drawing Database

    Dec. 21, 2020 - The Drawing Database, created by Marc Leone, Associate Professor of Drawing is a series of videos that provide instruction on technical object and figure drawing. The Drawing Database is a public service outreach program, FREE to the public anytime-there is no fee! This channel is for Northern Kentucky University's School of the Arts, as well as alumni/alumnae and can be used by interested other students internationally. The videos are "active learning", meaning that the student can get the most out of the college level lessons by drawing along with them. You can email Marc Leone ( for questions/feedback on the Drawing Database.

  • BFA Senior Virtual Exhibition

    BFA Senior Virtual Exhibition

    Dec. 4, 2020 - We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fall 2020 BFA Senior Exhibition. Bachelor of Fine Arts students work closely with faculty to develop an original body of work that showcases their creative growth both technically and conceptually. This requirement is the culmination of the BFA program and an essential component of the completion of their degree. We would like to recognize and congratulate the BFA class of 2020 [...]


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