Proposals for exhibitions in the galleries of the Visual Arts Program at NKU are only accepted from faculty and staff members of the department.

Suggestions made by faculty/staff members go into a pool of possible exhibitions and the gallery committee* chooses and schedules exhibitions based on a variety of factors including (in no particular order of importance):

  • cost
  • timing
  • feasibility of actualization
  • alignment with university goals
  • equitable/diverse representation of visual arts disciplines and media across the gallery's short- and long-term exhibit schedules.
  • Faculty making proposals for exhibitions are asked to submit to a member of the gallery committee the following:
  • 10-20 images of of the artist / groups work (slides, images on CD, web link with images, etc.)
  • artist statement
  • artist's vitae
  • any other information helpful in the consideration of exhibitions
  • Unsolicited submissions / proposals from outside the Visual Arts Program are not accepted.

*The gallery committee is composed of rotating faculty members and the gallery director.