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Why apply for Scholarships?

  1. NKU does not require you to search for a scholarship!  For almost all scholarships you only need to submit one application, which is applied to all the NKU scholarships you qualify for!
  2. A scholarship is an award and an investment in your future.
  3. Scholarships are money that you do not have to pay back! (Free money!)
  4. This gives you an opportunity to meet with our valued donors who want to meet you and hear about your experience at NKU, as well as your plans for the future.
  5. A scholarship is an award and can be listed on your resume!
  6. Some scholarships have perks beyond funds! For example, the CINSAM Scholar scholarship provides faculty mentoring, giving you a kick-start for college and career success.
  7. Federal and state support for students decreases, and a scholarship can help keep your total costs down.
  8. The COI has many scholarships which have been created with you and your interests in mind.
  9. Continuing scholarships (after you start college) ask you to supply a letter of recommendation from a faculty member. This gives you a chance to talk with your professors about something other than your grade.

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