Department Chair and Staff

Maureen Doyle

Maureen Doyle, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science Chair
GH 400D


I (she/her) was raised in Tewksbury, a town about 20 miles from Boston, MA.  I live in Kentucky and enjoy the beauty of the arts and parks of greater Cincinnati.
I earned my PhD in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics from Stanford University in 2004.  My research interests include recruitment and retention of STEM majors as well as empirical software engineering.
I enjoy teaching programming classes and meeting students when they are first starting their studies here at NKU, and also enjoy teaching graduate classes that critically examine evidence-based practices in software engineering.  I worked in industry for almost 20 years and enjoy sharing my successes, and failures, with students as a motivation for learning and thinking critically. 

Christa Witt

Christa Witt, B.A.

Academic Coordinator, College of Informatics

GH 400E



I live in Florence Y’all, KY. I am married to the great love of my life, Doug, who is a drug counselor. I have three children: Arielle, Alison and Tim, and a stepson, Ethan. I enjoy singing, playing guitar, painting, writing, reading, and playing with my dog, Bowser.


I am the Academic Coordinator for the College of Informatics. My duties include scheduling classes, supervising student workers, student and GA hiring paperwork, recording all department meeting minutes, and a variety of other tasks that help the departments function.

I am an alumna of NKU and have worked for the College of Informatics since 2006. I am one of those people who came and never left! Now my daughter, Alison, is here as a Media Informatics major. I love the sense of community that NKU has and I am excited to be part of such a dynamic college.

Sue Murphy Angel

Sue Murphy Angel

Senior Operations Coordinator

GH 400F



My first professional experience in higher education was May 1998 at Northern Kentucky University. My previous field was credit management, but my employer moved out of the Cincinnati area and I did not want to follow.  I joined the Informatics team as the Dean’s Assistant in 2008.


I am an alumna of Northern Kentucky University. My undergraduate degree is in Political Science with a focus in Homeland Security. I also received my graduate degree at Northern Kentucky University in Public Administration. My research focus is in organizational reliability and resilience in local government.

I am active in university service as a member of Staff Congress, where I serve as the chair of the Staff Congress Credentials and Elections Committee.

Our People


CS Advisory Board

Maureen Doyle, Ph.D.
Professor, Chair of Computer Science

Michael L. Clark, Jr.
Adjunct Lecturer, Mobile Services Platform Lead
NKU, Kroger

Joshua Falter
Senior Staff Software Engineer
GE Aviation Digital

Jillian Maher
Computer Science Teacher, CTE Department Leader
Randall K. Cooper High School

James Masters
Technical Director - Security Architect


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