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2020 - The fifteenth annual

The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region.

The 2020 College Movie Festival's One-on-Ones with the Pros and the final cuts Screening and Awards were canceled due to stay-at-home orders and through concern for the health and safety of our filmmakers.


  • Elements Drawing: Feb 23, 2:00pm EST at the Dead Low Brewing , 5959 Kellogg Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
  • Pre-Production: Feb 23 - Feb 28 at noon EST
  • Production and Post-Production begins Feb 28 at noon upon script, schooting schedule and storyboard/shot list approval by your campus prof
  • Initial cut and paperwork due: Mar 8 by 5:00pm EST through the Upload Link
  • Professional One-on-Ones: In person session canceled. Responses will be delivered via email on March 28.

College Block Theme Team Name
Cincinnati State A Ambition Sensational Six
NKU A Loyalty NFS Tracy Songer
NKU A Peer Pessure TriPawd Productions
Saint Louis A Survival Project Mad Anthony
UC Blue Ash A Corrution UCBA Team A
UC Main Campus A Paranoia Team Name
UC Main Campus A Enlightenment Hedgehogs
Xavier A Responsibility Captured Fish
Xavier A Perseverence 5 Film Guys
Xavier A Community Team Muskies
Cincinnati State B Friendship DDS
Cincinnati State B Family Sound Visual Productions
Miami B Ambition Seven Page Script Productions
NKU B Prejudice Films R Us
UC Blue Ash B Community UCBA Team B
UC Main Campus B Coming of Age UC-ing This
UC Main Campus B Corruption Gold Team Rules!
Xavier B Paranoia Synergy
Xavier B Loyalty Spork Productions
Xavier B Reunion On the Reel

Required Elements
  • Character: Bailey Rice, photographer
  • Line: How many are in there?
  • Prop: Utility bill

Documents and Resources

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CMF participating college logos

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