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June 25, 1-5PM / June 26, 8-12PM | Griffin Hall Digitorum


Kevin Kirby



Kevin Kirby is a native of Royal Oak, Michigan, moved to Cincinnati in 1994, is married to a writer/teacher, and they have one son. His undergraduate work was in math and linguistics, and his MS and PhD are in computer science (cognates in physics and neuroscience) from Wayne State University. His dissertation was on neural computing, and he continued to work in deep learning. He received the Mathematical Association of America’s Polya Award in 1997, and have been deeply involved in international work at NKU (Mexico and Korea in particular). He became Computer Science chair in ’08 and Informatics dean in ’11. He loves teaching everything from intro Python programming to graduate-level theory of computation.

Date: June 25, 1-5PM / June 26, 8-12PM

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Location: Griffin Hall, Digitorium

Fee: $450, includes parking and snacks on day 1 /  breakfast on day 2

Prerequisites: Business professionals who write code and who've had calculus in the last 5-10 years

Required Software: TensorFlow? System Requirements?



The INFORMATICS+ Project Grant program funds high-impact student-involved R&D and creative projects that connect students to the region and the world and leverage the power of informatics in a variety of settings.   

The nature of proposed projects can vary widely. Examples might include researching the local impact of certain information technologies, building digital solutions that help a community, or documenting stories of people whose voices have not been heard. Informatics, broadly construed, refers to all the disciplines that have information at their core, and ranges from media and communication to software design and analytics.  It is about creating meaning in a world of data.  

The College of Informatics invites proposals from faculty across campus.  Although informatics students or faculty should be among those involved in each project, projects that engage colleges outside the COI are specifically encouraged, and nothing precludes the project lead from being a non-COI faculty or staff member.

Two projects were funded in Spring 2020. To read more about the awardees, visit here

More Press:  Cincinnati Magazine


New RFP is available!  Guidelines Document

Application deadline is November 1, 2020!

Grant Application Form

Budget Spreadsheet

Upload your documents at the following link:

For questions or additional information, contact Kendall Fisher at (859) 572-5791 or


About Informatics+

This new center formally launched in November 2019 with three foci:

  • Talent Development: K-12 pipeline, career readiness, professional training, and symposia.·     
  • Academic Integration: Interlinking degree programs with experiential learning.·     
  • Regional and Global Engagement: Bringing real word research, development, and creative work into the classroom and to student-faculty teams. 

These foci are designed to amplify the impact of NKU's new strategic framework, Success By Design, with its pillars of access, completion, and career and community engagement.   


Kendall Fisher

Executive Director, Informatics+

Griffin Hall 330A

859.572.5791 |