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Informatics+ connects our college and our community.  


Industry Speakers Program

Informatics+ maintains a database of industry speakers to bring the real world into the classroom. 

To request a speaker, contact Director of Corporate Engagement, Julie Stockman.  

News & Social Media Story Ideas

Informatics+ amplifies, promotes and markets the great work of Informatics faculty and students.

To request or pitch a story idea, contact Chris Brewer.

Submit a News Story Idea

Speaking Opportunities

Informatics+ provides a variety of opportunities for faculty to share their expertise beyond the classroom.  In some cases, (Community Presentations, Workshops and Symposia) faculty may be paid develop and present programs.  

For more information on Informatics+ programming, click here. To apply to present a program or for additional information, contact Brian Jaynes.  

Participate in Speaking Opportunities

Career and Corporate Events

Informatics+ provides a wide variety of resources and programming to help students gain experience and become more professional.  Click here to learn more about how we can help your students.  

Has your student asked you for a letter of recommendation? Assistance is available here.  

For more information, contact Julie Stockman.

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Experienced and Professional Students

Informatics+ actively works with companies within our region and beyond to bring them in contact with our students through career events.  

For a schedule of events, click here.