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INFORMATICS+ is a center focused on engagement. It simplifies, funds, enhances and encourages connections between the community and NKU on informatics-related endeavors. 
Its mission is to enhance the value and accessibility of the College of Informatics as a resource for talent, training and innovation; and to ensure that its students and graduates are not only proficient but creative, experienced and professional.






What is Informatics+


We connect companies to talent. 

Informatics+ helps meet evolving workforce needs by connecting employers to Informatics talent, developing and expanding talent in our community and partnering to solve business problems.


We help students become professionals with real-world experience.

Informatics+ builds and expands the college’s community partnerships to create opportunities for experiential learning and student professionalization.


We bring Informatics solutions to the community. 

Informatics+ leverages the college’s faculty, students and external partnerships to benefit our shared community.

These foci are designed to amplify the impact of NKU's strategic framework, Success By Design, with its pillars of access, completion, and career and community engagement.  

With its broader scope and new foci, the Informatics+ initiative supersedes the former Center for Applied Informatics and becomes its even bolder successor.





Contact us for more information on the Informatics+ program:

30 Kenton Drive
Griffin Hall 330
Highland Heights, KY 41076
(859) 572-7610 

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