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Ashley Hempfling Photo: B-105

By Shelby Sanford
COI Communications and Events Student Assistant

A few years ago, you might have found Northern Kentucky University alumna Ashley Hempfling struggling to find her car in the parking lot or working in the Northerner office, but now you can find her in the studio as a co-host on the B-105 Big Dave Morning Show.

In 2011, Ashley started her career at NKU not quite sure what she wanted to do with life. At the time she thought that being a Physical Education teacher was the calling for her, but she quickly realized her path was going to lead her elsewhere.

“I like to be in front of people, busy and running around. I’m not very good at sitting,” she said while explaining why she thought being a PE teacher was the place for her. However, she quickly realized those traits would lead her to another career.

After having to film an assignment for a class, she realized that she thrived in front of the camera and on the radio. Ashley quickly changed her major to Electronic Media and Broadcasting with a minor in Journalism.

“The storytelling path was where I wanted to be,” she said.

While at NKU, she took every opportunity to explore different areas of the broadcasting field and gain real world experience. She volunteered at WNKU and gained editing, filming, and radio experience and interned at both City Beat and Local 12 doing promotions, events, and marketing. Ashley encourages students to build their resume while in college to, “not just differentiate you, but define you and help you grow.”

When talking about Michele Day, journalism professor and mentor of Ashley, she said, “She was always pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of. She was also the person that encouraged me to join the Northerner and do ad sales for them,” she stated.

This led to grossing over $20,000 in sales in her first year selling ads for the Northerner.   

Fresh out of college, Ashley applied to a job and was told she didn’t have enough experience but she didn’t let this defeat her. She used it as a motivator to “turn her vision into a reality.” Ashley was later offered, and accepted, a position at a different company, but she was also offered a position at B-105 to be the radio host on Saturday nights from midnight to 6 a.m.

“It definitely wasn’t easy but I saw it as an opportunity to pay my dues and eventually work my way up,” she said.

Ashley poured in the time and effort and now can be heard as a co-host on the Big Dave Morning Show. Now, she has some advice on how vision is turned into a reality:

“Take your knowledge beyond the classroom, network yourself, and be yourself while never losing the light that you started with,” she said.

Ashley believes her success was, in part, made possible by her time at NKU.

“Take the opportunities to get involved on campus and interact with your professors,” she said. “The professors here will always take the time for their students and their doors were always open to me. They made me feel like I had a voice in the classroom.”

Ashley can be heard on the B-105 “Big Dave Show” weekdays from 5:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. and in her new “Out with Ashley” segment.