Welcome to the College of Health Professions!

Dr. Dale Stephenson

Welcome to the College of Health Professions at Northern Kentucky University! 

Feel free to peruse our website and I am hopeful that it will provide needed information regarding educational and collaborative opportunities afforded to current and prospective students and college stakeholders.

Our faculty and staff are passionate about student success and dedicated to a philosophy of enhancing human health and preserving a good quality of life.

If you have further questions concerning any aspect of our college please know that my door is always open and I can be reached at (859) 572-5510 or stephensod1@nku.edu.

Dr. Dale Stephenson
Dean of the College of Health Professions

Meeting the Challenge of Evolving Health Care Needs

As our understanding and health needs have evolved, there has been a greater demand for health professionals to meet rising costs and challenges, such as an aging population.

Currently, we offer programs in Nursing, Radiologic Science, Respiratory Care, and Health Science to help prepare our students to face these challenges. All of our programs are fully accredited by their respective professional and/or educational accrediting agencies.

Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission and values of NKU, the faculty and staff of the CHP promote an innovative environment to facilitate excellence in academics, scholarship, engagement, practice, leadership and lifelong learning within a global context to promote health.