We offer programs in Nursing, Radiologic Science, Respiratory Care, and Health Science to help prepare our students to face the challenges of an always-changing health care world.

Department of Nursing

We offer two innovative nursing programs — a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing — to prepare students for professional nursing practice.


Department of Allied Health

Our programs in Radiologic Science, Respiratory Care and Health Science offer students personalized attention through small class sizes, advising, and dedicated faculty focused on student success.





The Undergraduate Doctor

Xiangyue “Winnie” Wu has been many things: a doctor, a mom, a Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University, a surgical neurophysiologist. In December 2016, she became a registered nurse.

A Life Saved in Tanzania

“I can’t believe I almost graduated college without doing this. Working in Tanzania definitely taught me how to compromise and work with literally nothing.”

Health from the Heart

"I want them to be aware of where that patient in that bed came from and where we’re sending them home—because there might not be one…”

Making An Impact

“Over the years I have realized that I really wanted to be more involved with my patients' care ... ”




Nurse Advocacy Center for the Underserved

The Nurse Advocacy Center for the Underserved (NACU) has a proven record of stability in structure, collaboration with community partners, and service learning for students that allows it to meet the opportunities and challenges of healthcare to the underserved community.

Northern Kentucky Nursing and Interprofessional Research Collaborative

The Northern Kentucky Nursing and Interprofessional Research Collaborative (NIRC) positively impacts the health of northern Kentucky through the implementation of community-driven interventions based on interdisciplinary research methods, quality improvement initiatives, and the application of best practices.


Our programs require clinical experience so that students can learn by actually working in their prospective fields. Clinicals begin in the first semester and continue throughout the program as students grow and learn.

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Giving to the College

The College of Health Professions (CHP) is tackling the critical local need for healthcare professionals. A gift to CHP secures scholarships for current and future students, and supports program like the Nursing Advocacy Center for the Underserved (NACU) where students provide health assessments in underserved communities.

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