The Human Service Profession is one of great rewards, helping to empower individuals, families, and communities. The human service curriculum is based on understanding, meeting, and servicing the needs of those living in surrounding communities as well as promoting social advocacy and equality. The values and ethics of the human service student are based on the professional codes guided by the National Organization for Human Services. The Human Services and Addictions program at NKU allows students to focus on human service and helping careers through gaining both academic and experimental knowledge and skills associated with mental health and substance abuse treatment of children through elderly populations, case management, crisis intervention, social welfare, individual and group counseling, theoretical knowledge and the development of critical thinking skills. The Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Addictions at NKU is uniquely designed to prepare graduates to help individuals, families and communities in need of assistance, focusing on prevention, problem solving, and improving and maintaining a healthy quality of life.

Where You Can Work

The growth of the Human Services Profession and the need for human services professionals is projected to grow over 22 percent from 2012-2022. Human Services Professionals provide a variety of services aimed at improving clients’ lives. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Addictions are prepared for positions in work settings such as hospitals, mental health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, residential treatments programs, group homes, halfway houses, therapeutic recreation, daycare centers, after-school programs, substance abuse programs, rehabilitation settings, elder care facilities and a variety of programs serving the developmentally challenged.

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Human Services and Addictions also prepares students for admission into graduate programs such as Counseling.  Many master programs lead to licensure in specific areas of focus, such as rehabilitation, family marriage therapy, and the counseling profession. The BS in Human Services and Addictions also provides students with the academic foundation and field experience to become substance abuse counselors.

Program Contact Information

Dr. Mei Mei Burr
Director of the Human Services and Addictions Program


Beyond the Classroom

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Addictions reaches beyond the classroom, providing valuable “hands on” professional field placement practicum experience.

The field practicum experience consists of two 180-hour field placements, for a total of 360 experiential hours in a human service community based agency. The field placement sites are located within the Northern Kentucky and greater Cincinnati area. Students who are from more distant areas from NKU may also complete their field practicum experiences within their own local demographic areas and communicates.

Students in the Human Services and Addictions major are encouraged to become student members in the human service organizations, such as the National Organization for Human Services. Students are also encourage to participate in student organizations and local, national, and international service learning and community service opportunities.