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Integrating Dispositions into the Conceptual Framework: four a priori questions

Hiring for the Fourth Factor: Dispositions

Assessing Dispositions - A Self-Instructional Training Manual (based on the high-inference, clinical assessment methodology developed by the late Arthur W. Combs.)

"Dispositions to Teach"

Dispositions Training Post-Test (ver. 3)(After completing the Self-instructional Manual, you may recieve a rater reliability score by taking the post-test. Instructions area on the test form.)

Grants for Doctoral Student Research (The Field Psych Trust offers grants to doctoral students who use the research and methodologies developed by Arthur W. Combs.)

Improving Teacher Selection: Using Perceptual Inference in the Teacher Selection Process(Wasicsko, M. 1977,ERIC Document No. ED 193 195)