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This event is open to the NKU and the northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati community. There is no charge to participate, but registration is required. Lunch will be provided at the Think Tank Session on Tuesday, October 30, but you must register in order to secure your lunch.  


Parking will be available in the Kenton Garage, near Griffin Hall and the Student Union. See our campus map/directions.

October 2018 Think Tank Featuring Justin Pasquariello


When All Give, All Gain: Improving the Odds to Overcome Vulnerability and Prevent Poverty

    Family and friends tried to keep Justin safe and thriving, living with his birth mother when he could and with them when he couldn’t.  But when he was four years old, Justin entered foster care for the first time. He continued to move between foster care, kinship care, and his birth mother’s home until he was seven years old—when he joined the family that would adopt him two years later.  Justin’s big Italian adoptive family recognized the importance of maintaining his ties with his birth mother, his half-sister and her family in England, and other birth relatives.
    With the love and support of so many and a good public education, Justin thrived; by senior year in high school, he was Class President and Valedictorian.  During his senior year at Harvard College, Justin was in a community action class; he recognized many youth in care didn’t have the consistent relationships he had had, and so began the work to develop Silver Lining Mentoring: an organization that helps youth flourish through committee mentoring relationships and the development of critical life skills.
    He went to Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government, hoping to work in broader systems and reduce the need for foster care. This led him to Children’s HealthWatch, a research and policy organization that improves the health and development of young children by informing policies to address and alleviate economic hardships. Seeking to address educational and social-emotional needs, as well as material needs—and wanting to work in the diverse community he loves--Justin moved to become Executive Director of the East Boston Social Centers, a 100-year old settlement house organization serving people across the lifespan.  He remains there today. 
    Justin will speak about his personal and professional journey, the family and community that improved his odds of success, and his work to improve the odds of success for others by expanding access to address material needs, opportunities to learn and thrive, and transformative hope and joy.

Join us as we examine the far-reaching issue of poverty in our region, share programs currently in place to address it, and consider how we can work across the community to provide solutions that help those impacted by poverty overcome it.


Evening Keynote Address

Monday, October 29

6:30 p.m.
NKU Student Union Ballroom

Think Tank Session

Tuesday, October 30

8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
NKU Student Union Ballroom
Make a positive impact by supporting FUEL NKU, the university's food pantry for students.  Bring to the event any of the following needed items for donation:
        Peanut Butter
        Toilet Paper
        Body Wash

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