Discover Leadership Identity – Amplify Change Skills – Expand Self-Awareness

ELOC prepares a diverse inter-disciplinary group of students to become enlightened transformational leaders. Graduates gain in-depth knowledge and skills in leadership and organizational change to transform their organizations to meet current and future challenges by enrolling in a hybrid program with both in person and online coursework.

The ELOC program caters to experienced professionals and aims to release leadership aptitude. Our focus is on action learning, emotional competencies, teamwork, collaboration and relationship building.  

The ELOC Program is currently not accepting applications.



ELOC is a hybrid structured program offering face-to-face and online coursework. We prepare students to become enlightened transformational leaders. Graduates of this program will be able to effectively and strategically transform their people and organizations.

The ELOC program:

  • Focuses on leadership and organizational change as the key components of effective management
  • Develops competencies needed to succeed in these environments in a format that facilitates success
  • Assesses and develops emotional intelligence leadership competencies
  • Transfers the skills learned to coach and develop others
  • Emphasizes change and transformation to effectively manage organizational change and growth
  • Teaches how to effectively empower and involve employees in the organization



The program is based on the latest adult learning framework of ACT.

A - Action learning: Emphasize the importance of experiential & active learning with a focus on public engagement.
C - Competency: Develop student's competencies at every step of the program.
T - Teamwork: Incorporate teamwork and learning about teams into all facets of the program.

Sherita Scott

My experience with the ELOC Program was life changing! The journey that this distinguished program has taken me on has not only enhanced my professional career significantly, it has also led to substantial personal growth. Through ELOC I have become a stronger leader and solid team player. I truly value the experiential learning, the relationships I developed within my cohort, and the curriculum content that ELOC offers. As a corporate professional, the qualities I gained from ELOC has helped to cultivate my drive and commitment to be an effective leader. - Sherita Scott


Maggie Lorenz
I came to ELOC expecting a quality learning environment to enhance my knowledge and leadership. I am graduating ELOC with refined leadership skills, a diverse understanding of organizational change, a community of talented leaders who will continue to push me through my career, and the agility to apply my degree in our ever changing economy. ELOC is a real-world experience. - Maggie Lorenz
Jon Mangus
ELOC has been a program that challenges me to look within myself and understand what it takes to be a great leader. This program has really prepared me to be a better leader not just a manager. What I have learned is that leadership comes with understanding yourself better and those around you. I have truly enjoyed the uniqueness of this program and how it is designed to best achieve success. - Jon Mangus
Denica Gilmer
My time spent in the ELOC program has transformed my professional and personal life. The skills and concepts I learned are applicable to 21st century policing and executive police leadership development. - Denica Gilmer
Matthew Winship
I came to ELOC excited about the professional growth opportunity. While I hold my ELOC experience directly responsible for my career advancement, what I found that was so fulfilling was the personal growth that ELOC helped encourage. I discovered that so much of what you are exposed to in the coursework has applications in your personal life. ELOC has taught me the lifelong skill of personal reflection and in turn, allowed me to pass that gift on to others. - Matthew Winship
Maria Reynolds
I knew it was time to go back to school to prepare for a future beyond my current company. I wanted to continue to make a difference and expand my impact. I truly care. ELOC has enabled me to break free. I’ve had the opportunity to work with new people who I now consider my colleagues and my friends. I’ve filled my toolbox with a diverse and up-to-date set of assessments and reference materials. And I’ve been able to build my skills in using these tools while applying them in ‘real life’ situations. ELOC is all about the learning; it truly is transformational. - Maria Reynolds
Arron Joiner
ELOC has provided me unparalleled self-awareness in my identify as a leader and as an individual. The program empowered me to make pivotal behavior changes to progress both my career and personal life. ELOC transformed my ability to identify current state and create action items to attack the root cause. These skills have allowed me to develop other leaders to achieve their highest potential. - Arron Joiner
We are accredited by AACSB International, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.



Dr. Duke Thompson
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

Office: BC 363B

Amberly Nutini
Executive Education Coordinator

Office: BC363C