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Guide future entrepreneurs

Students benefit immeasurably from individuals who see themselves in others and are willing to mentor and guide them.


At the Center for Innovation Entrepreneurship we understand that our students tremedously benefit from mentoring - that's why we strive to pair student entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors. The mentors may be NKU alumni, entrepreneurs, investors, or professionals who advise entrepreneurs. These mentors have a desire to share their experience and knowledge in areas that include management, marketing, branding, startup business development strategy and product development.
For students, mentoring provides an opportunity to obtain “real-world” advice and feedback on startup business ideas for pitch business competitions, or in launching a new venture. For students who have already started a business, a mentor can provide guidance about operating and growing a business.
For mentors, mentoring provides an opportunity to meet and interact with innovative and passionate students, guide students in evaluating their ideas and concepts, and share stories of your successes with entrepreneurship classes and with our student entrepreneurship club.
For information on how to get involved, contact Dr. David Schneider.

Our mentors provide:

  • Help with developing or reviewing a business model Market or customer-level feedback
  • General Career Advice for those interesting in being an entrepreneur 
  • General advice on topics about patents or other legal issues 
  • Technical input regarding a product
  • Speaking about their career experiences with students in classes or at student club events