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INKUREKA is part hatchery, part resource center

INKUREKA provides resources and expertise to all NKU students, of any major or minor, who have business ideas and want to turn those concepts into a reality. INKUREKA connects students who have entrepreneurial ideas with coaches who can guide them through the process of starting a business. Coaches and students meet on a continual basis as the ideas begin to develop. Additionally, INKUREKA connects students with both university and regional entrepreneurial support services and opportunities. INKUREKA is open year-round, and students can make appointments that fit their schedules.


Program Benefits

  • Guidance
  • Connections with Coaches
  • Guest Speakers
  • INKUBATOR Online
  • Connections with Campus Resources
  • Connections with Outside Resources
  • Open Workspace

If you are an NKU student and have any questions, or would like to schedule a meeting outside of office hours, please contact Zac Strobl