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How it Works

You can get into the program one of two ways -- Submit an Idea OR Apply to a Team.

Submit Your Idea

If you believe you have a great business idea and have the drive and passion to take it to the next level, you can begin by filling out our application. Applications for idea submission are open from February 6 - March 31, 2019. Once your application is submitted, it will then be reviewed by a panel of judges.

If your idea is selected by the judges, we will then contact you and set up a time where you will present to the judges. After this round, the judges will select the candidates that will be accepted in The INKUBATOR.

If your idea is chosen for The INKUBATOR, team member selection for your idea will begin upon acceptance into the program. We will post information about you, your idea, and the skills and characteristics of team members that you are looking for on our website. Typically each team will consist of three team members. These team members will have complementary skills and a wide range of backgrounds. Team member choice is ultimately up to you, but advice from mentors will be taken into consideration.

Upon acceptance into The INKUBATOR, we will begin searching for mentors for your teams. The mentors will have a similar background as your business idea. The mentors will help guide you along the way and will be essential in helping teams make necessary connections. Teams are expected to stay in contact with their mentors and meet on a regular basis.

Once we get rolling…

Once the program begins, teams will focus on three main items:

  1. Building a strong viable business model
  2. Building a strong team
  3. Developing a Prototype

Throughout the 12-week program teams will be given goals and milestones to achieve. Teams will be expected to meet these expectations. There will also be weekly educational seminars that teams are required to attend. Advice and guidance from the mentors will be key in helping teams accomplish their goals.

The program ends when all teams present to a group of investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors where you and your team demonstrates all you have accomplished over the program.