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Yves Law

Yves Law helps struggling consumers dealing with massive debt understand the underlying issues that cause their debt and creates personalized strategies to overcome the consumers indebtedness.  Yves Law helps users via an application that compares user inputted data regarding the consumer's financial situation with data compiled from numerous sources  to assist a user in determining their eligibility and potential benefit in pursuing debt relief tools including debt negotiation, bankruptcy, student loan grants and hardship programs.  Yves Law further assist users by helping them create professional documents tailored to their situation to pursue debt relief and help them regain financial stability.


Meet the Team

Bob Cassity

Bob Cassity, Founder

Bob graduated magna cum laude from Chase College of Law in 2007 and also has a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He started his own law firm after graduated from Chase and has worked in many areas including bankruptcy, patent and intellectual property law, criminal and civil litigation, probate law, business formation, business transactions and domestic law.