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Verdant is a green technology firm that expands global recycling potential by providing businesses with the equipment necessary to recover their used chemicals and solvents. The company's pilot product is an automated machine that motivates businesses to recycle by making it the most economical option. This advance in technology stands out from the competition by enabling complex mixtures to be separated for the first time. It also challenges the traditional recycling model by placing the recycled product directly in the hands of the consumer, rather than a third party. Verdant was recently awarded the honor of presenting as one of five national finalists at the 2015 ACS GC&E Conference.


Meet the Team

Matt Miles

Matt Miles, Founder

Matt Miles is a recent Chemistry graduate with a history of constructing whatever lab instruments are needed from whatever materials are available. Before inventing the reclamation device in his spare time, Matt designed the Strome Lab's tetrad dissection scope (which isolates single cells under a microscope), a UV-Vis spectrophotometer, and many other gadgets. Matt has worked as an analytical chemist and has been closely involved in several start-ups.