Change Tuition

Change Tuition is a platform that allows for parents, grandparents and other family members to contribute to a future college students 529 Savings Plan, just by simply rounding up their every day purchases to the nearest dollar.  The difference between the purchase price and the rounded price is then deposited into the 529 Savings plan.


Meet the Team


Kirk Laytart, CEO/Founder

Kirk Laytart is a full-time student at NKU, he is a junior majoring in Organizational Leadership with an area of focus in Business Administration.  He is CEO and Co-Founder of Change My Tuition and the owner of Inventory Service Plus, LLC a retail auditing company which he started at the age of 19.  He has been a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT for the Taylor Mill Fire Department for eight years.  He enjoys watching and going to sporting events, along with the occasional cigar and a good glass of bourbon.

Leighanna Banks

Leighanna Banks

Leighanna Banks is a full-time student at Northern Kentucky University.  Leighanna is a junior Business Management major. She is also a full-time worker. Leighanna manages a local franchise, in which she oversees daily operations.  After graduation she would like to own her own business and travel the world.