Change Tutition

Change Tuition is the first to market company that allows for Parents and Grandparents to save money for the future college students in their lives by rounding up every day purchases, and saving the difference. Read More!


Inclusive Games

Inclusive games is a video game development studio that focuses on keeping accessibility for disabled gamers at the forefront of its design philosophy. Read More!


Verdant eases the tension between business and environmental science by designing technology that reduces industrial impact on the environment while enhancing profitability. Read More!

EventSpider is an app that helps increase student engagement with student organizations and their University by using gamification methods and a powerful likes/interest algorithm. Read More!



TripNuggets will provide curated itineraries so travelers can plan 80% of their trip in three clicks or less. Read More!


Yves Law
Yves Law helps consumers suffering from debt problems formulate a personalized strategy to relieve their debt and provides automated tools to assist consumers in regaining a strong personal financial position. Read More!