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Company Description

Kampaign is a site and app built to support tabletop RPGs (like Dungeons &Dragons).  It provides a platform for the gaming group to collaboratively contribute to campaigns, and allows the game master (GM) to focus on storytelling and creating a dynamic campaign world.

GMs can manage campaign notes, and groups can schedule game days, and archive and search for miniature battle maps for use in their game.

While our hobby may be stuck in pen and paper, the way we organize our games needn't be.

Branden Middendorf

Founder: Branden Middendorf

Media Informatics student and a front end web developer. I have been president of the Media Informatics group the MINjas for 2 years and have started several other groups on campus. Currently work for the Center of Applied Informatics (CAI) at NKU as a Web Specialist. Along with the web development side I have studied in game development.

Leah Adams

Founder: Leah Adams

Leah Adams has over ten years of experience in financial and operational healthcare administration and three years’ experience in startup financials. Having worked for 6 years at Children's Hospital Medical Center as the Manager of Revenue Cycle Reporting and Analysis, Leah has extensive experience in accounts receivable, audit management and financial reporting. Leah graduated from NKU with a BS in Information Systems/ Business Administration and received her MBA from Morehead State University.

Leah has been a part of the top ranked competing teams in the Dungeon Crawl Classics tournament at Gencon, is a board game enthusiast and beekeeper.


Tyler Holhubner

Founder: Tyler Holhubner

Tyler is a Media Informatics major and a Computer Information Technology minor. He has 4 years of professional programming experience. Working with PHP and front-end frameworks most of this time. Experience with Microsoft SQL and MySQL also stem from past experience. Currently working for Global Cloud in Cincinnati as a Development Intern, using the Coldfusion and MSQL technologies to build websites for non-profit and commercial customers.