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Identif-Eye will be a facial recognition service for law enforcement.  An application run on the new smartphone-like head-mounted computer Google Glass will take pictures of individual faces the user encounters and upload them to a server where they will be cross-referenced to a criminal database using facial recognition software. When there is a match, Identif-Eye will alert the law enforcement official with the name of the individual and their criminal history in real-time.

Chaz Edwards

Founder: Chaz Edwards

Chaz Edwards is a senior Communication Studies major at Northern Kentucky University where he expects to graduate in December 2014. Since being at NKU, Chaz has held several leadership positions encompassing community engagement, managing large budgets, and planning and coordinating social events. Chaz has worked as an intern for Uptech’s OneMorePallet, the City of Florence’s Economic Development Department, Southbank Partners, and the Kentucky State Senate.